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Pandaemonium is the fortress of The Nemesis. It is built at the center of a lake in the deepest part of Hell. Within the fortress is the massive Hell Forge, which causes much of the heat that defines the climate of Hell, as the Forge itself boils the rock beneath Pandaemonium. This boiled rock then flows out as lava into the other circles of Hell. To cross the boiling lake and reach Pandaemonium, one must look downward into the water to find the stepping stones just beneath the surface. In effect, anyone who approaches the fortress must bow their head. The lake, in which the fortress sits, is surrounded by The Graveyard, and the fortress’ back is surrounded in jagged black peaks.

The fortress itself is a massive pyramid, whose base is nearly a kilometer in length. The fortress may only be entered from the top of the pyramid, after a grueling climb up steep, jagged stairs. The entrance is a seemingly blank wall which may be entered simply by stepping forward.


The interior of the fortress is primarily constructed of stone hallways and massive great halls. Windows line many of the hallways, which appear to let in daylight, despite Pandaemonium being in the depths of Hell and shadowed by black smog.

When Kill Schedule reached Pandaemonium during their race to reach Tartarus before The Nemesis, they found Pandamonium abandoned. All of its candles were snuffed out and no servants remained, other than Robert Johnson who remained to work the bellows in the Hell Forge. The Nemesis’ throne room is ornately decorated, including his seal inlaid into the floor in gold. The Nemesis’ throne is made of the melted weapons of heroes he has defeated. These heroes span all times and all worlds, but the weapons featured most prominently within the throne when Kill Schedule arrived were the weapons of players from other campaigns.

The Hell Forge

Branching off from the throne room is the massive Hell Forge. The Forge is fueled by the souls of the damned being shoveled into its dual furnaces. These furnaces direct their produced heat downward, melting the rock at the bottom of the pit in the center of the Forge, turning it to lava. This not only provides the infernal heat required to create artifacts of great power, but it also produces the energy used to power anything in Hell which requires electricity. The burning souls in the damned produce pitch-black smoke that billows out of the top of Pandaemonium. When Kill Schedule reached The Orc Continent, this black cloud was pouring out of The Pit and shrouding most of continent in shadow.

Kill Schedule came to the Hell Forge to attempt to destroy The Arm of the Dark Lord, which had been given to them by Bucket. Bucket had acquired the Arm after defeating his former comrade, Kirag Thaga, in combat. Bucket suggested that the Arm could only be destroyed in the furnace in which it was forged, and this idea was later echoed by Raziel. Gabronth Steele had acted as the bearer of the Arm and its influence had begun to corrupt him. When Kill Schedule reached the Forge, Gabronth destroyed the soul of Robert Johnson, and nearly did the same to David Roderick, before Gabronth’s band mates intervened. During this fight, Gabronth called several time to Melek Taus for aid. When Gabronth was defeated and hurled into the boiling lava, he called to Melek Taus one last time. Taus caught him by the Arm, telling Gabronth that it was “time to let go.” Taus caused Gabronth’s own arm to slip free of the gauntlet, a feat that was presumed to be impossible, and Gabronth plummeted to his death. Meanwhile, Taus disappeared with the Arm.

The Dark Forest

The seal in the floor of the throne room concealed a secret passage that led below Pandaemoium and into the Dark Forest. This was a forest of leafless trees, whose shadows were cast by a large, blood-red moon onto the barren forest floor. When it was visited by Kill Schedule, the forest was populated with the souls of all the people Kill Schedule had caused to die indirectly, by negligence, or by inaction. The forest came to an end in the Cross Roads, where they were met again by Melek Taus. After a brief exchange, the forest faded to reveal Tartarus and the burning World Tree, while Taus faded into the shadow incarnation of The Nemesis himself.


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