The Pit

A Storm Over The Pit

The Pit was a massive digging project that consumed the better part of The Orc Continent. After The Nemesis failed to take control of the World Tree through Addu Zahrim’s plot, he commanded the Orcs to begin the massive operation as an attempt to reach the Tree and allow Hell to open out into the world.

Digging began with the detonation of a nuclear weapon that was brought to Terminus through a hole in existence that was torn open during the rise of Zahrim’s creation. The bomb was placed on a weakened rift of reality and detonated. This began to break down the barriers between normal reality on Terminus and the realm of Hell that is buried within the planet’s core. This realm usually exists in a slightly unaligned space-time relative to the planet, but through this rupture and the power of The Nemesis, the two space-times became interlocked.

The Black Smog from a Distance

By the time Kill Schedule reached the Orc Continent, the Pit had grown to over 5000 kilometers in diameter. The Pit had been protected from the impact of The Great Wave by being set so far inland that The Wall, imported from another world, was high enough to break the wave and prevent it from reaching The Pit. The Orcs had created a spiraling path that led down through the layers of Hell, forming a sort of corkscrew pattern with Pandaemonium at is bottom and the city of Dis suspended half way to its bottom. The entire Pit was shrouded in thick, black smoke that billowed out from Pandaemonium’s Forge and clouded the skies above the Orc Continent.

The Pit

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